Shawn Kilgarlin

Rapid Testing


As an owner of American Screening Corp., Shawn Kilgarlin has held various positions over the years, ranging from a Quality Management Representative in 2012 to Vice President of Business Development until 2022. She also established herself as an accomplished writer with books related to understanding drug testing needs among teens along with guides on accurate workplace regulations regarding this topic.


The Christian faith of Shawn is clearly evident through her philanthropic efforts such as providing gifts and blessing cards during the festive season to Holy Angels, a non-profit organization that offers love, support and empowerment to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. This sense of giving back is something which she holds especially close to her heart, seeing it as a privilege rather than a duty.


In 2014 Shawn opened her own Catholic book store called Jacob's Well Inspirational Books and Gifts located in Shreveport whereby she took a step back from managing the store in 2020 but continues to actively promote laminated prayer cards including the current collection piece featuring Fratelli Bonella’s artwork along with its relevant prayer.

Education-wise, Shawn has achieved an impressive bachelor of science degree in microbiology and chemistry at Southeastern Louisiana University back 1996 while displaying further evidence of creative prowess through literary works such as God's Love Letters: Overcoming Adversity which discusses how God's love leads to spiritual resiliency; Past Tense: 365 Daily Tools for Putting Stress Behind You – for Good! written together with her husband where it offers daily solutions for triggered stress reactions; plus art creation alongside daughter Isabella (with I.K.S.K Kilgarlin signature marking) & Juliana making for some memorable bonding moments away from electronic distractions whilst struggling past adversities for good measure.


Shawn wraps up by inspiring others around the world via inspirational speaking engagements sharing stories about family life, faith and personal experiences